Hotas Chair Mount review

HOTAS Chair Mount Reviews

Many of us are guilty of using a joystick or throttle while we’re at our desk. Most office chairs can’t hold these types of accessories, so we cram them onto the back of our chair or on the floor underneath. The HOTAS Chair mounts are designed to transform your own office or gaming chair into a stable cockpit without any major changes. They allow you to keep your hands on the keyboard and mouse, and space for other key projects in the company while still getting to work.

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This HOTAS chair mount fits into many desks or stands, and can be used as a traditional office chair. The profiles of the chair mounts are anchored straight to the receiver points of the armrests. You can install the mount and remove it quickly in seconds. The chair is usable again as an office or gaming chair when the HOTAS mount is removed.

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Joystick / HOTAS Chair Mount Review


monstertech HOTAS CHAIR MOUNT review

HOTAS chair mount is sturdy, lightweight, and easy to install on any chair. It attaches to a standard joystick or throttle in seconds and can be easily removed if needed. It can be mounted from the side of the chair or on the back of the chair.

If you want to upgrade your current chair for use with your favourite joystick or throttle, then this is a perfect solution. It is easy to install, and requires only a screwdriver for installation. It is made from durable aluminum, and comes with instructions for use.

When you’re in the middle of a game and your joystick or throttle fails, you’ll be glad you have this HOTAS chair mount. We’ve engineered a mount that will fit most popular joysticks and throttles. The mount can be used with Brunner, CH Products, Logitech, Saitek, Thrustmaster, VKB, Virpil and Winwing systems.

HOTAS chair mount is a universal mounting plate for those who love playing flight simulators on the PC. It is designed to easily and securely fit most The HOTAS line of joysticks and throttles. The mounting plates are infinitely adjustable and can be adjusted in height and distance individually. This allows the user to use the same system on a variety of chairs without having to buy different mounting plates for each chair.

This is where HOTAS stands for. With this mount you can mount your joystick and throttle on any chair. Forget bulky and heavy flight sticks, HOTAS chair mount is the best way to mount your HOTAS setup for use on any desk. Lightweight and durable, this compact design provides a simple and easy solution for mounting your HOTAS setup.

HOTAS Chair Mount Vs Desk Mount

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