Gaming chairs are available in many shapes and sizes. Some look just like office chairs, while in others you can lean back and sit low to the ground and you can even buy beanbags. They are usually sold with a range of integrated technology, such as speakers, subwoofers, and vibration, so you can literally feel the gameplay.

Some can be connected wirelessly to your PS4 or Xbox One console, which is often the most expensive models. Other gaming chairs require wired connections. However, it doesn’t matter which one you choose, because instead of sitting on the ground, they will all make your long hours gaming session much more comfortable.

What do Gaming Chairs Do?

Almost all gaming chairs are focused on audio. The game’s audio is sent wirelessly or by wire to your chair’s built-in speakers. Thus the sound is “around you” instead of coming from the front. The idea is that in this way you are more likely immersed in the game, just like surround speakers work with a home cinema set.

In addition, many chairs also have built-in vibration functions that respond to the events in your game. Just like controllers that vibrate when someone shoots a bullet past your head or performs a rough tackle in FIFA, the chair will also vibrate that will make the whole experience a lot more realistic.

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