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Anime Themed Gaming Chair Reviews

The gaming chair is not just for gamers, but for all those who love anime and want to relive their childhood memories by sitting on this colorful and stylish gaming chair. The anime themed gaming chairs are designed to make gaming more enjoyable and fun, while keeping players healthy.

The anime themed gaming chairs are becoming more popular, especially with the success of popular anime series like One Piece and Naruto. As these series maintain an extremely loyal following, the demand for anime themed furniture is high.

These eye-catcher gaming gears are also the perfect gift for an anime fan who wants to be able to enjoy their favorite show while playing video games. The design also allows your elbows to rest on the armrests which will provide you with increased comfort as well as extra stability when playing games like Fortnite or Minecraft.

Comparison Chart of the Best Selling Anime Themed Gaming Chairs and Accessories on Amazon 2021

ImagesProduct TitleOur RatingPrice
Joywaroom Anime ONE Piece Luffy 3D Print Area Rugs for Boys Girls Kids Baby Bedroom9.9$$
GE Animation One Piece Luffy's Straw Hat Pirate Flag Multi-colored, 31"9.8$$
Funko Pop Anime: Onepiece - Zoro Collectible Toy9.8$$
AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support, Rabbit Ears9.7$$$
Darkecho Pink Gaming Chair Big Tall with Headrest and Lumbar Support9.6$$$
Anime Naruto Akatsuki Deidara Itachi Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Large Pad9.6$$
GTRACING Red Gaming Chair E-Sports with Headrest and Lumbar Pillow9.5$$$

SADES MPOWER Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4 PC Mobile - Angel Edition9.4$$
Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chairs with 4D Adjustable PU Armrest and Headrest Lumbar Pillow9.1$$$

Why is Anime Gaming Chair Called “One Piece”?

“One Piece” is a TV animation that started broadcasting in 1999. We are finally celebrating the 20th anniversary of broadcasting this year. The original is a boy manga by Eiichiro Oda, which is being serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. It has always been a very popular long series, and it is the pinnacle of entertainment for boys, which continues to grow while causing a number of movements such as movie blockbusters.

The name is “AKRACing ONE PIECE series “. It’s not just a chair with an illustration of a ONE PIECE character. It is made based on the gaming chair “AKRACing” that has both luxury and functionality.

As the name suggests, those anime gaming chairs are designed for gamers. The prices are not cheap, as collaboration products with comics/animations are rare. However, when it comes to collaboration with “ONE PIECE”, it has a large number of fans, and many people will be interested.

one piece 5 colors

One Piece Anime Gaming Chair Key Features

The ONE PIECE series anime chairs are released in 5 colors with the motifs of Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, and Chopper. They represent the main characters of the anime cartoon, “Straw Hat Pirates”. Based on the vivid image color of each character, the title logo of the dress reproduced by elaborate embroidery and the icon of the pirate flag that is different for each character are arranged as accents. These are double names with the AKRacing brand logo, and the biggest feature is the iconic design that makes it easy to see that it is a collaboration model.

The basic specifications as a chair follow the Overture series, which is the standard model of AKRacing. High-quality PU leather that is soft to the touch and has excellent durability is used for the upholstery, and the basic functions of the AKRacing chair such as full flat reclining mechanism, elevating armrest, headrest + lumbar support that helps proper sitting posture are suppressed.

These high-quality textures and comfort that reduce fatigue during long-term use are the major features of the AKRacing chair, which has been favored by users since the dawn of the domestic gaming furniture market. The AKRacing ONE PIECE anime series, which can be used not only as a gaming chair but also for general office desk work and relaxing time at home, adds space and color to everyday life.

The AKRacing ONE PIECE series is the only product in the gaming chair category that has achieved collaboration with “One Piece” characters. While maintaining the simple and sturdy chair, it is a high-quality finish that can be enjoyed by long-time One Piece fans through repeated trial production and adjustment to match the image color of the character. It is a special chair where you can enjoy the adventure tan of “One Piece”, which is the highest peak of entertainment for boys, and continues to grow while causing various movements, with your favorite character.

Anime gaming chairs come with five colors models that have the same sizes and materials. There is a difference between the image color of each character and the embroidery of the pirate flag mark designed for each character. There may be enthusiastic fans who want all models, but you need a space to put 5 gaming chairs, so please consider calmly.

anime chair sizes

In terms of specifications, it follows the “Overture” series, which is the standard model of “AKRacing”, but there are some differences such as the design of the back. The size is 42 x 52.5 x 130 to 137 cm (seat width x seat depth x total height), and the weight is 25kg.

The title logo and pirate flag illustrations are carefully embroidered. Since it is drawn on the backrest and the back of the knee where it is easy to touch the body, if it is not durable like the print process, it will cause pain and ruin. By the way, the “AK Racing” logo is also drawn by embroidery on other products, and it is safe to say that it has a proven track record in embroidered designs.

The title logo on the front of the seat. It is drawn with embroidery as well as the design of the pirate flag

Anime Themed Chair is Good for Gaming, Office and Reading

one piece anime gaming chair

These anime themed chairs can fit your body to the extent that it does not sink. The backrest has a texture similar to that of the seat, and there is no pain in the shoulders or back. The left and right sides of the backrest are slightly curved inward, holding both shoulders loosely from the side.

Adjustable Height

The height of the backrest is higher than the position of the head, and the thickness of the seat and backrest makes it look quite large as a chair. However, the width does not extend far from the shoulder, and it can be used with a feeling of size that is not so different from a general office chair.

The height under the seat can be adjusted from 35 to 42cm. You can sit at the bottom, but the soles of your feet are on the floor and your knees rise. The normal sitters should be comfortable at just the middle height. Many gaming chairs and office chairs are tailored to the physique of big and tall guys, but they have a low seating surface and not too wide shoulders, which suits the physique of short people.

The height of the seat and reclining are operated with the lever on the right side.

Backrest Reclining

The reclining of the backrest can be moved a lot from almost vertical to horizontal (it can be tilted more forward for storage, but it is not locked and is not suitable for use). At the vertical angle, which is the most forward leaning, it is not unreasonable for a person who is leaning forward at desk work to think that this is fine. If you feel that you are putting your body on the support of your neck and hips, your back muscles will be in a good posture. It’s more comfortable for many people to tilt it back slightly.

If you tilt it up to about 45 degrees, you can relax by leaving your back on the backrest. I feel good when reading materials. If you tilt it further, it will be almost horizontal to the seating surface, and you will be in a sleeping position. I was worried that the chair would fall back when I actually did it, but in my case I didn’t feel that kind of instability.

Anyway, these One Piece Anime chairs are not only for gaming play, but also perform awesome while doing office work as well as reading for long. It serves the sitters well even long hours sitting, just no fatigure and exhausted at all. If you are a fan of One Piece, just consider to buy such an anime themed chair to serve your multiple purposes.

Final Words

The anime themed gaming chair is rare as a collaboration product of “ONE PIECE”. At the same time, it is eye-catching with a color and design that has never been seen in the “AK Racing” series. You can also play the game on your favorite character’s gaming chair, and when you get tired, lie down and read the “ONE PIECE” comic. Since it already has a track record as a gaming chair, it makes you feel like a collaboration model if you buy it anyway.

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